AGI Standard

■Overview of Level Definition of Universal Artificial General Intelligence

A universal AGI can solve any problem to the best of its ability.
Level 1 (Best Accuracy): Best within infinite computing power and limited information.
Level 2 (optimal calculation order): Computable.
Level 3 (optimal redundancy): Best with limited computing power.


【Level 1 Universal General Artificial Intelligence】
・2025: Publication of draft standards (conditions to be met by the program).
・2030: Provisional version of standard issued (conditions to be met by programs and pseudo code).
・2035: Publication of the official version of the standard.
・2040: Start of standard certification system.

【Level 2 Universal General Artificial Intelligence】
・2030: Draft release of guidelines (conditions to be met by programs and pseudo code).
・2035: Provisional version of guidelines and feasible program release.
・2040: Publication of the official version of the guidelines.

The public release of a completed and executable artificial general intelligence will be around 2035.
If it's complete for level 1, I'll publish it even if it's not perfect for level 2.
From there, applied research and development begins.
We require compliance and certification to Level 1 standards to ensure accuracy.
Other than accuracy, it is difficult to decide the criteria for judging the best, so I will keep it as a guideline.