AGI Research

This is a material for those who want to systematically learn artificial general intelligence from the basics.


We're digging in, starting with the definition.
Until the completion of level 1.
We are releasing them sequentially.
I'll refine it when I'm done.

Definition of Universal AGI

Misinterpretation and Exploring the Axiom of Induction

Inductive inference of perfect quality. y=f(ε)


Deterministic inductive inference. y=f(x)


Non-deterministic inductive inference y=f(x,ε)

Inference integration

Inference with coordinate transformation

Inductive inference for all possibilities

Recursive Inference

Axiom of Induction

Complex Inference

Level1. Universal Artificial General Intelligence


We aim to provide sample programs.

Calculation Priority

Calculation Abort

Inferring Priority of Computation

Input and Output

Retention of Information


Level 2 Universal Artificial General Intelligence

Sample Program


It only shows the idea of reducing the amount of computation, it does not minimize.


Things that are off the beaten track.