About us

■About us

UAGIS is a non-profit organization that conducts systematic research and standardization of universal artificial general intelligence (Universal AGI).
The reason why AI does not behave as expected is that there is no optimal solution rule for "inductive" inference, so programming is based on intuition.
If we can define the optimal solution for all problems, we can build a program (Universal AGI) that will give the optimal solution for all problems.

■Our vision and mission

・We will publish the underlying systematic research on artificial general intelligence and make it available for anyone to work on.
・Publish Level 1 universal AGI with guaranteed accuracy and make it available for anyone to use. (Late 2020s)
・Standardization and certification ensure the accuracy, safety and efficiency of artificial general intelligence.


・Universal AGI is not an invention, but a discovery in which anyone can reach the same answer, so no one has the right to monopolize it.
・In order to protect someone's rights and interests, we should not be allowed to use inefficient artificial intelligence and place a burden on the global environment.
・It is desirable that the development competition shift early from the accuracy and safety competition stage (Level 1) to the efficiency competition stage (Levels 2 and 3).


Organization name : Universal Artificial General Intelligence Standard
Location: Metaverse
Member: Volunteer