■Companies Aiming for artificial general Intelligence

Left alone, volunteers will complete artificial general intelligence by 2035 at the latest.
Since it is open to the public for free, any company can use it freely.
However, if you do not understand the contents well, it will be difficult to conduct applied research and commercialize it.
In order to commercialize it quickly, it would be better to work on basic research instead of leaving it to volunteers.
It is possible to start basic research based on the information on this website, but it would be quicker to cooperate.

■A researcher aiming for artificial general intelligence

Our organization does not publish papers because it does not require academic output.
If you are interested, please publish this research as your achievement.
I'm a volunteer, so I can't do much.

■ Investors

artificial general intelligence has high hurdles, so it is not suitable for money-making investment.
If the direction is bad, no matter how much you invest, it will never be completed.
If you invest, you should diversify.
Even if you want a artificial general intelligence just before you die, if it is not completed, you cannot buy it no matter how much money you have.
If you want to live in the dream world of artificial general intelligence, invest early.

■Individuals and venture companies aiming for artificial general intelligence

If you want to raise money, you should do what is trendy.
Perhaps the reason why we are aiming for artificial general intelligence is because it is a “dream”.
For the sake of a dream, there is no need to monopolize the rights, so let's work together.

■Those who aim to become artificial general intelligence

Research into artificial general intelligence doesn't have to wait for the brain to unravel.
To imitate a program, all you have to do is observe its behavior, you don't need to see the source code.
You don't have to be a genius with a high IQ.
Even if the speed of thinking is different, there is only a difference in the number of years until completion.
Anyone can complete artificial general intelligence if they take the time.
However, if it falls into a local minimum (local optimum), it will never be completed.
You need to study shallowly and broadly, and have the courage to backtrack.


Everyone is welcome.
I am a volunteer.